Swimming: All the Advantages

Although we believe everyone should know how to swim, it seems that we still underestimate swimming as a physical activity. The following facts should help you realize how you and everyone around you could benefit from going to the pool every once in a while. So here are the five major advantages of this sport!

  1. Swimming counts as both cardio and strength building

When swimming, you need to be moving all the time, otherwise you start sinking. This is the cardio part of the sport. And since your muscles are feeling the never-ending resistance of the water, you also build your strength. So instead of working out on ten different machines, simply go to the pool.

  1. Swimming is easier on your body than other sports

Swimming is a low-impact sport, which means it doesn’t result in a significant wear and tear like many other activities do. You’re probably familiar with what can happen when you work yourself too hard at the gym – you can’t go on with your workout routine until you’ve rested your muscles. This doesn’t happen with swimming.

  1. Swimming makes your lungs stronger

Swimmers spend a lot of time with their faces under water, which means they eventually learn to use oxygen more efficiently. Our bodies are great at adapting to all sorts of conditions, and one of the things swimming does is strengthening your lungs. It’s a pretty easy way to do something that’s so good for your overall health.

  1. Swimming makes you better at running

Want to be a better runner? If the answer is yes, simply hit the pool. One of the results of stronger lungs, which you get by swimming regularly, is being capable of using your oxygen more efficiently even while doing other things, such as running.

  1. Swimming makes your body younger

It has been proven that people who swim regularly are around 20 years younger in biological time than people who never swim. This physical activity affects everything from blood pressure to the health of your central nervous system. So if you want to greatly improve your health with the help of a single activity, simply go swimming!